Old initial version gallery: seek the differences!

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  1. I really like it! Just like the racing sequences in “Centurion, Defender of Rome”, although you were inspired by the boardgame, I gather. Please, go on working on it, it is really great! I especially like the flawless execution of the turn-based commands into exciting race snippets. Maybe you could add a career mode and multiplayer – shouldn’t be too hard to control 2 or more chariots, except for camera positioning.

  2. Christian Weigel

    I hope you find the time and energy to continue working on Qvadriga, it is such an enjoyable piece of software!

  3. I’m working hard on it, sorry for not posting reciently 🙂

  4. Most excellent game. Considering a campaign mode of sorts I hope? Perhaps owning several teams and allowing them to gain experience during the course of a season? Have you considered placing chariot wrecks on the track as obstacles? Just ideas. Very well done.

  5. Thank You Scott. Yes, campaign where you own several teams is being developed, also yes to the wrecks, You can see examples at the news page. Hope some major announcement within a few months 🙂

  6. Just played demo and it was fun. But the music played, when finishing a race, fells like it doesn´t belong to the game era.

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