Mare Nostrvm is announced!

Jun 09 2017

From the creator of Qvadriga, a new game is ready for Beta Testing!

Mare Nostrvm

Mare Nostrum is a strategy game by the developer of Qvadriga, and it is set during the turbulent war galleys era, when the civlizations along the Mediterranean Sea started to extend their ambitions towards new lands!


Tim Stone, from Rock Paper Shotgun, has just posted a nice article on it! Check it out here!


Get more information about Mare Nostrvm frim its official product page 


Join Beta Testing here!

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  1. Uno de los grandes acontecimientos del año wargamero… Y con multiplayer.
    ¡Quiero ser betatester!

  2. Very exciting news, Daniel! Congrats! I’m looking forward to seeing MN

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