QVADRIGA Announced and going Beta!

Oct 23 2013

I’m really proud to announce the public beta launch of Qvadriga by Slitherine and Matrix games:

Searching for Beta Testers for this chariot-racing strategy game

During the Roman Ludi, not only gladiatorial fights or theatrical plays entertained the public, but also the thrilling, fast and dangerous races of the aurigas driving their four-horse chariots: the quadrigas! 

Symbol of Victory and Triumph, and seen as a Godly chariot (Apollo was often represented riding one) on the earthly world, it was the most important chariot adopted in ancient Roman circus racing. Rushing fast inside the Circus Maximus each auriga could not rely only on his horses speed, but also had to use strategy and wit.

Now, with QVADRIGA, players will be able to revive the historical races of Ancient Rome and became the greatest driver of the ancient world!

The game features historically modeled circuses with all their styles and particularities. Variable circuit sizes, lengths and shapes, from the classic Greek oval hippodrome to the standard Roman circuses for a total of 43 unique arenas. Thanks to the dual game system you can play the way you like: paused turn-based gameplay (static) or continuous real time action (dynamic).

Events, trade, upgrades and bonuses; six factions, a huge campaign system with seven regions to travel and an expert AI. QVADRIGA is all this and much more!

If this sounds like something which appeals to you we are now recruiting Beta testers! For you chance to take part please sign up here.

Get more information about QVADRIGA on its official product pages: Slitherine , Matrix games.

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  1. Wow.
    The dream will be done soon.
    Slitherine & Matrix are the home of the serious strategic gamers

  2. Hello,
    I’ve followed Qvadria for quite some time before it disappearead and went pro with Slitherine. I’d really like to take a look at the beta and may even be able to place a beta preview on gamestar.de.
    Kind regards
    Christian Weigel (Online Editor, gamestar.de)

  3. This is excellent news, congratulations Daniel!

  4. Hey! What a nice surprise, Daniel! Congratulations!! 😀
    I didn´t know the game was already in this late stage. You keep the secret well, huh? 😉 I´m glad that the project go forward. Good luck!!

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