Tablet versions of Qvadriga gets patch

Jul 12 2014

Among other things, this update increases the font size and provides much better visibility for users of high resolution and retina tablets as well as some other interface adjustments that will allow you better to focus on your races.

Change log:

-Increased font size for high resolution screens.
-Interface upgraded for high resolution screens: reformed main menu, how to play, credits, maps, city, results and race scenes now shown higher sized elements.
-Tapping out mechanism to cancel a purchase in the management screen.
-Warning message shown when trying to purchase a component where you already have four of them.
-Orders given by mistake when scrolling avoided, now orders are given when finger touch is started instead of ended.
-Corrected blinking aurigas when selected at the city screen.
-Enlarged buttons below the main menu.
-Removed campaign button at the main menu when there is not any started campaign to choose.
-Removed all exit buttons from every screen.
-New help “?” button showing what orders means when requested during the race.
-Explanation added to items that cannot be bought in the beginning (medic etc).
-Updating of flags is prevented after a team has finished the race

Click here to learn more about Qvadriga on iOS or here to get Qvadriga for Android.

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